Backup name generator is free online tool for everyone who wants to save time during creating backup names.

If you do backups often and every time you create backups names manually so it takes unnecessarily too much time. But now you have this tool, which helps you to generate backups names automatically and be more productive. You can copy generated backup name by one-click on button "Copy to clipboard" or you can copy link to pre-filled and pre-generated backup name form and send it to your colleagues in your company. The link can be copied via one-click on button "Copy link"


- You have project named "My software project" and you want to create backup name for it.
- You have criteria that the backup name have to reflect project name and date and time of creation.
- You do not want to make the backup name manually.
- You want to share the backup name with colleagues in your company via pre-filled and pre-generated backup name form.
- Use this tool and generate backup name automatically for prefix "My software project".
- Result will be:
My software project-2021-08-02-22h-00m
- For copy link to pre-filled and pre-generated backup name form use button "Copy link".

Example 2

- You have more projects and you want to create backups names for databasis of the projects on daily basis.
- You want to have a list of pre-generated backups names (for projects A, B, C) and you want to copy them on one click.
- The backups names have to reflect projects names, date and time of creation and you do not want to create them manually.
- Register here, go to your Email, confirm your account and Sign-in here.
- Save wanted backups names templates (for prefix ProjectA, ProjectB, ProjectC and suffix .bak) and stay signed in.
- On homepage you will see the list of pre-generated backups names like:
- ProjectA-2021-08-02-22h-00m.bak
- ProjectB-2021-08-02-22h-00m.bak
- ProjectC-2021-08-02-22h-00m.bak